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Pizza is a popular dish that is prepared across the world. It originated from Italy and has been adopted by many countries to suit their own culture and tastes. Today, there are countless types of pizza that have evolved due to the influence of different cultures and regions throughout history.

The word ‘Pizza’ comes from an Italian word meaning ‘to eat’. The term was first used in 997 AD in reference to a type of pie associated with the city of Naples. These early pizzas were generally made with toppings such as oil, salt, anchovies and herbs. They were only baked for a short time (around 5-7 minutes) which led them to be very wet and soggy this resulted in people adding extra ingredients that would help to absorb excess moisture. These included cheese, olive oil or even fish sauce! The first pizzas were also very small and flat with the only toppings being olive oil and herbs.

Categories of Pizza

The pizza as we know it today – a tasty meal consisting of breads topped with tomatoes, cheese and meats – has undergone many changes over the years since its inception in Italy.

Today there are countless types of pizza around the world which can be divided into two main categories:

1) Italian-style 2) American-style

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Italian Style Pizzas

This type of pizza hails from Italy where its origins lie in Naples. There are now thousands of different types of Italian-style pizzas but share certain common traits which separate this type of pizza from American-style pizzas.

Italian-style pizzas are normally made to be eaten by hand, with no knife and fork required making it a quick snack or meal at any time of the day.

  • Calzone filling options: cheese, pepperoni
  • Sausage and Pesto Pizza
  • Quality ingredients
  • Fresh, made to order pizza
  • Delicious crust
  • Fresh ingredients that are all natural and locally sourced

American Style Pizzas

This type of pizza is said to have originated in New York City but it’s popularity has spread worldwide over the years. American-style pizzas are more heavily loaded with toppings than Italian-style pizzas and must be eaten with cutlery, as there is no way you can pick up a slice of pizza and eat it without getting tomato sauce and cheese all over your hands! However an upside to this means that there is more room for creativity when it comes to the ingredients used in an American pizza.

  • Deep pan, thick crust
  • Heavier on toppings
  • May Low in calories, Might Good for Diets

Thin Crust Pizzas

Thin-crust pizzas are typically Italian style pizzas that have a thin and crispy base rather than a soft one. These types of pizzas usually have minimal cheese and toppings because it wouldn’t be possible to fold the pizza over at the crust without everything falling off! This means no soggy or flimsy slices here! If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty when you eat, these are the kinds of pizzas for you! They are also easier to make at home if you follow certain recipes. Thinner crusts also tend to have a higher content of fiber and protein which makes them a healthier choice.

Typically, they are cooked for around 8-10 minutes in a brick oven which gives the pizza its crispy base and crunchy crust. This makes them ideal to eat when you’re feeling peckish as they can be consumed quickly without much mess too!

Toppings of Thin Crust Pizza

Thin crust pizzas are particularly good with toppings such as pepperoni, mushrooms or bell peppers since these ingredients don’t weigh down the pizza too much when added on top. The popular Margherita is another famous variation made up of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil leaves.