Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar

What is the Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar?

Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar is a delicious infused chocolate bar that is made with Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Chocolate Liquor and other natural ingredients.

Delta 8 Per Serving on Xite Candies Chocolate Bar

Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar is infused with 300mg of THC, making it an ideal choice for those who are new to edible cannabis and 20mg Delta 8 THC per square.

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Picture of Xite Delta 8 Chocolate Bar

What are the Effects of the Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar?

The effect of the Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar is a relaxed and euphoric feeling that helps your body relax and in turn, helps you forget about all your stresses in life. It also promotes creativity and can help with sleep deprivation issues as well as appetite stimulation when desired.

Effects Breakdown By Size Delta-8-Cannabis Chocolate Bar

Using Xite Candy products will lead to high levels of happiness, pain relief, calmness, loss of stress and anxiety, emotional upliftment and the feel good vibes from this product lasts for hours. The Delta 8 Chocolate Bar by Xite Candy chocolate bar comes with an oral/edible dosage of 300mg total per bar. broken up into 15 pieces which are 20mg each. The effects of Delta 8 Chocolate Bar can last from 3-6 hours.

What is the Delta-8’s Chocolate Bar Taste Like?

The THC infused chocolate bar tastes so good you’ll probably want to eat it all in one go. It doesn’t have the bitterness of normal dark chocolates and it has a smooth, creamy texture. You can enjoy this product on its own or toast some marshmallows over a campfire and turn them into the best s’mores you’ve ever tasted!

How do I Prepare the Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar?

Place the Delta 8 Chocolate Bar on a non-stick surface or in between two non-stick surfaces to make it easy to break apart. Use a sharp, heavy object to break the pieces apart. Make sure all of your pieces are about 20mg each. Share with friends or put them away for later, whatever you choose! If you plan on snacking over time, then putting them away might be easier but if you want everything in one go then sharing is the way to go.

How Do I Use Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar

The act of consuming Delta 8 THC chocolate bars will make the effects of its ingredients come on more slowly than they would if taken by themselves or through other means. When comparing Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar to most other forms of cannabis consumption, the onset period can take up to two hours. The length and intensity of the effects also depend largely on the person’s metabolism, body weight and tolerance level. Once consumed, users’ senses become heightened and their moods elevated. Effects usually last for between four and six hours. Aside from being a tasty treat that helps elevate mood.

Flavors of Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar

Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar comes in two kinds of flavors: milk and dark chocolate. The bar itself is dark brown on the outside with a light brown stripe on one end, which matches the coloration’s of cocoa powder. When broken or cut into pieces, it smells like fresh cocao beans; when eaten all at once, the flavor may be bitter but not overpowering.

Ingredients of Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar

Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bars are made with natural ingredients like:

  • Sugar,
  • Cocoa Butter,
  • Whole Milk Powder,
  • Chocolate Liquor,
  • Nonfat Dry Milk,
  • Milk Fat,
  • Hemp Extract,
  • Sunflower Lecithin,
  • Natural Vanilla Extract


If you’re looking for a way to enjoy your favorite sweet treat while also getting the effects of THC, we have just what you need. Xite Candies is an innovative company that has created chocolate bars made with natural ingredients and infused them with some of our most potent strains. Our delicious flavors include milk, dark chocolate and more.